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Please help the Acid & Trauma Victims in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a densely populated country with 120 million people. Almost 80% of its population are deprived of basic amenities like food, shelter, clothing, treatment and education etc. Human Rights are being violated at random. The common people are being humiliated by influential men in the society. The terrorists are committing crimes against humanity. Common people specially women and children are main victims. The female students in the schools and colleges are being targets of illegal sex game of terrorists. The victims who are usually women & children become disable & disfigured. Their lives are doomed forever. The tendency of acid throwing has increased enormously in the country in recent past. From BHRC survey it appears that on an average about 10 persons are being acid victims in Bangladesh every month, of whom about 10% cases become fatal.
Trauma Victims in Bangladesh:
BHRC assists victims of torture by law enforcing authorities like police and other Govt. agencies. In the countries of 3rd world it is in practice that government uses the power of law enforcing agencies for torturing the opposition. Most inhuman torture is conducted upon prisoners both before and in captivity. Like other countries of the 3rd world, in Bangladesh also, the barbarous attack is done on prisoners in mediaeval style crippling huge number of men and women. It is reported that hundreds of people die due to torture inflicted by the police and other law-enforcing agencies every year.

Meanwhile BHRC is continuing its medical assistance to both women and children for acid and other torture victims. It is difficult to continue this programme of assisting the torture victims of such a nation of 120 million people. Here in our country no organization other than BHRC provides legal & medical aid to the torture victims. It is also essential to rehabilitate a percentage of torture victims. The serious victims requires specialized treatment for a long time.
Law relating to Acid:
As per Bangladesh penal code, the punishment to the perpetrators of acid throwing may be sentenced to 7 to 12 year rigorous imprisonment or even death. So far 30 persons have been convicted but none of them is undergoing punishment due to their appeal to the higher courts.

Besides about 300 cases are now pending in the lower courts. Most of the cases are not being properly investigated due to inefficiency and corruption of the police people. On the other hand plaintiffs are not getting proper justice owing to the lengthy process in the judiciary. Acid is very easily available in the country. Law to control and monitor sale of acid is yet to be framed.
Treatment of Acid Victims:
Acid deforms the body and make it ugly causing serious pains when acid comes in contact with human body. So far no hospital is established in Bangladesh for better treatment of acid victims. BHRC has started treatment of acid with the assistance of Organisation Mondiale Contre La Torture-OMCT. 90% of the patients may be cured when plastic surgery is done after general treatment and operation. It is really difficult to make the victims cure who are seriously attacked in face, eyes and neck. In such cases the serious patients are required to be sent outside the country where most modern treatment is available.
Legal aid for acid victims:
It could be seen from BHRC reports that 90% of the perpetrators are powerful than the victims. Besides the acid throwers are mostly members of different terrorist groups or their allies. It is not possible for poor victims to combat with mighty attackers. The witnesses stay away due to fear of the attackers since the victims are not strong enough to be able to protect the witnesses. As a result the suits fails for lack of evidence. BHRC always is vigilant in such cases. It stands beside the victims. BHRC is grass root level organization at every nook & corner of the country. As the BHRC provides all sorts of help to the acid victims including free legal assistance, the perpetrators are now-a-days afraid to indulge in such crimes.
Rehabilitation of acid victims:
Acid victims mostly women and children are helpless in the social context of Bangladesh. One acid victim requires in average at least 1 year for recovery. And his suit in the court also takes minimum I year to be completed. In one hand the patient requires to stay in Dhaka for treatment & on the other hand the patient is to remain hiding for personal safety so that the criminals can not attack them again or inflict injury.
Peoplesí consciousness against acid throwing:
The peoplesí consciousness against acid throwing is also needed. Publishing of posters for increasing of consciousness of people, seminars & meetings in rural areas may be helpful. The punishment order given by the court can be published repeatedly to diminish the tendency of acid throwing.
What the BHRC does:
As soon as a case is reported the representatives of BHRC personally go to the spot of incidence.
The matter is taken up to the local police.
The victim is taken to the nearest medical centre for initial  treatment.
The acid victim is transferred quickly to Dhaka or other medical hospitals.
The victim is kept mentally cheerful.
The trial in the court is expedited.
Seminar etc. are held to create social hatred against the perpetrators.
Consciousness among people against acid attack through seminars, meetings is increased.
The victim is rehabilitated socially and economically.
Control of acid sale and maintenance of  record of acid buyers are kept.
Some of the Acid Victims:
Miss Zohra (18) D/O. Mr. Sultan Uddin of Nagra in Netrokona town, Bangladesh.

Chanchal (25) and Ratan (28) (Both are of bad character) of the area were teasing her for long time. They wanted her to cooperate with them for sex which she rejected. And out of revenge they attacked her with acid on Friday (9 February 2001) at night. Her burn is serious. She is under treatment of BHRC Treatment Centre. They are giving her medical and legal help. She requires plastic surgery and rehabilitation in the society.

Mrs. Popi Akter
(20), D/O. Mr. Harun-ur-Rashid, Vill: Aralia, P.S. Raipura, Dist: Narsingdi, Bangladesh.

Was attacked At 10 p.m. on 23rd June 2001 by her husband Mr. Fatik Mia with acid when Popi failed to meet the demand of Dowery. Acid thrown by Mr. Fatik has burnt Head, Face, Right Eye, Chest, Back, Ear and throat. 

She is a poor lady and requires help to be cured. She is in the treatment centre of Bangladesh Human Rights Commission.

Miss Khairunnes
(20), D/O. Mr. Hyder Ali Sheikh, Vill: Manik Nagar, P.S. Rampal, Dist: Bagerhat, Bangladesh

was attacked by one Habibur Rahman of same village with acid burning her Face, Eyes, Ear and Neck seriously. She is undergoing treatment in Bangladesh Human Rights Treatment Centre.

Khairunnessa needs plastic surgery. She appeals for help.

Pictures of Acid Victims

Khairun Nahar

Popi Akter


Jannatul Rabeya

Reba Yesmin


An Appeal to the Humanity:

Please become a friend of the suffering humanity. The Acid Victims need your attention & sympathy. A little support by you will make lives beautiful again. 

It costs just 1500 Taka ($30) to provide medical care, counselling and support to a survivor for one week.

Level of support:
1 week (Tk 1,650 / $ 30)
3 months (Tk 19,800 / $360)
9 months (Tk 59,400 / $1080)
Other, 1 month (Tk 6,600 / $120)
6 months (Tk 39,600 / $720)
1 year (Tk 79,200 / $1440)
Please fill in the following form and send the address given below. Your name and address will be published in the weekly magazine  of BHRC (if you give your permission).

Please issue cheque in the name of the Bangladesh Human Rights Commission- BHRC and post your contribution along with this postcard to the attention of

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